Permanent valuation, value creation and management participation

A lot of entrepreneurs know the value of their enterprise at the moment they want to sell it. Why is it useful to conduct valuation of your enterprise? Not only at the that you want to sell it. It is always important and useful to know which factors determine the value of your enterprise.

What is the intrinsic value of your company?

What is the current value of your enterprise? Are there ways to enhance this? These are all essential things to know now and later if you ever plan to sell your enterprise. The value of an enterprise is determined by the expected future cash flows of the enterprise, that belong to the owner. Thus, not the (subject to influence) profit, but the free cash flows, taken into account the necessary investments.

Value creation differs from aiming for profit

Profit is an accounting quantity. Profit is not per definition the money that goes to your wallet. The point is how much money you actually get as a reward for your investment. Cash you expect to get is value. Formerly generated profit is not value.

Which factors determine the value?

Er zijn drie soorten factoren die bepalend zijn voor de waarde. Geld, tijd en risico.

  1. Money: Think of how much money has left and entered the company (cash flows).
  2. Risk:  The risk profile of the enterprise. The lower the risk profile, the higher the value. Think of the dependence on you as an entrepreneur, the dependence on that one supplier, the dependence on that one or two clients, the competitive position, the dependence on specific employees etc.
  3. Time: Besides the future cash flows, the time preference, or the moment at which the cash flows become free and available plays an important role in the valuation of a company. When are the cash flows anticipated to be generated?

How to enhance value?

An obvious and most visible factor that influences the value positively, is to secure increasing positive cash flows. This is possible through the enhancement of the income streams and through optimisation of the cost structure. Highly important in addition is the need for capital, among which are considered the annual investments in fixed assets and investments in net working capital.

Minimalising investments in fixed assets is not advisable. This can directly or indirectly negatively influence the quality of the supplied services or products. It can endanger the profitability of the enterprise and the continuity. It is important that enterprises continue to invest in their revenue model.

Working capital is something that can be optimised. An enterprise requires a certain level of working capital in order to exploit the core activities. For instance, these can be debtors or supplies.

When an enterprise grows vastly, money often gets ‘stuck’ in the working capital or the investment in the net working capital is rather high. This indicates that this capital is not to be used freely and thus ceases to contribute to the value of the enterprise.

Value thinking is future thinking.

Maintaining course for the company and managing your processes includes, among others, that one thinks in terms of future cash flows and is value-oriented. In contrary to taking action upon the basis of annual numbers, accounting, costs and revenue, of the previous year.

Management Participation

Would like professional assistance in setting up a plan for management participation? The expert Register Valuators of Value Drivers Business Valuators can help. Your staff represents a great value for your business. Would you like to tie your staff and offer extra motivation and rewards? Opt for management participation. It is a sign that you appreciate the commitment of your employees. You can choose from different plans such as bonuses, options and equity participation. The Value Drivers team can tell you exactly how management participation can increase the value of your company and what the advantages and disadvantages of different forms.

Value Drivers

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