Value Drivers Business Valuators wants to advice moving entrepreneurs and companies independently, with regards to identifying, stimulating and creating sustainable entrepreneurial value in the broadest sense.
With our experience, dedication and passion for our profession, we perform decisively and give you advice with added value. In doing this, we eagerly think ‘’out of the (financial) box’’.


In a world where complexity exercises increasing influence on financial transactions, as an independent Corporate Finance institution, we aim to lead in our profession and consultancy in the Rotterdam region in the area of awareness and application of Value Based Management among our clients (especially among small and medium-sized companies).

Our Values

Our values are summarised in these 3 dimensions:

  • Dynamic: In our service we strive, which means to say we are proactive and support the client into thinking towards the realisation of their goals. We understand the requirements that occur when decisions or transactions take place, which is why flexibility and accessibility are highly important to us.
  • Sustainable: In partnering up with the client, we strive to accomplish a long-term relationship, necessary to create sustainable value. Additionally, we ensure our own knowledge by staying up to date regarding the developments in our field (economic, fiscal and juridical).
  • Decisive: We stand for a decisive, Rotterdam hands-on approach, aimed at the accomplishment of the result you desire.