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Dear Client or Business Contact of Value Drivers Business Valuators,

Value Drivers Business Valuators has signed a partnership with Fortaleza Capital B.V. Fortaleza Capital (http://www.fortalezacapital.nl/) was started by Alexander van Rossum and provides corporate finance and corporate advisory services for the sectors packaging, Waste and Environment and TMT. Chris de Vries was appointed as associated partner business valuations. Besides Alexander and Chris, Joachim Driessen (TMT sector specialist) and Peter van Leeuwen (Sector Specialist Packaging) complete the team. For existing customers and services in the field of independent economic valuation Value Drivers Business Valuators BV will stay the first point of contact.

For more information, feel free to contact the undersigned at any time.
Kind regards,

Chris de Vries MSc RV

About us

Our experts of value offer valuable, dynamic, independent and profound advice in the field of economic valuation for a variety of entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals. Global markets show unprecedented dynamics, so the knowledge about your value-drivers and economic value has become more and more important. Creating sustainable value is what moves the world.

Complex decisions

As director or entrepreneur, daily decisions need to be taken in order create economic value for your company. Some decisions, such as conflicts or the acquisition or sale of a business are excluded from the “business as usual” and are very complex, far reaching and emotional.
With this kind of decisions you may need an independent Register Valuator, with whom you can share your ideas and whom can provide you with valuable advice. Value Drivers Business Valuators will be there for you to help make the right decision.

Accreditation, knowledge, and experience

Certified since 2008 as valuation expert and sworn in as Registered Valuator (RV) in the register of the SWBO. In addition, an active member of the NIRV. In addition the experience, dedication and passion for our profession results in a high quality and added value advice. We look beyond the numbers is what distinguishes us. Our consultants have been involved in more than 300 cases, business successions, acquisitions and valuations. For more information about our “track record”, you can look under the heading references.

Our services

Value Drivers Business Valuators is the independent and committed advisor / counsellor which provides valuation services for entrepreneurs, companies and professionals in the field of:

What is value of my business and what do I get if I would sell it? If you want to take over another company or just want to sell your business, valuation is a very important part of the process. Read more>>
When valuation occurs in the context of a business-related conflict, it is highly important that all parties involved are provided the opportunity to explain their points of view (adversarial and audi alterem partem).
Read more>>
In the specific circumstance that a transaction involves (in part) the same parties, or the transaction involves (external) minor shareholders, family or financers, there could be a conflict of interest among the diverse shareholders. In such cases, it is advisable to have a register valuator independently assess the price and other conditions of the transaction. Read more>>
The valuation of an enterprise that is involved in the settlement in a divorce situation requires special care, considering the large conflict of interests. Value Drivers Business Valuators frequently functions as an advisor when determining the value of an enterprise in the context of a divorce. The valuation assignments are frequently executed in collaboration with (divorce) lawyers and (divorce) mediators.Read more>>
Regulations concerning the (international) annual reporting obligates you to exactly indicate for what you have paid: Purchase price allocation (PPA), after an acquisition. Additionally, after an acquisition, you are obligated to conduct an annual impairment test. These are valuation problems with which we would happily support you with. This way, you will meet requirements and you potentially gain more insight in a potential acquisition or the profitability of your enterprise. Read more>>
Value Drivers Business Valuators offers entrepreneurs advice in the context of the assessment of the amount of economic financial damages and losses. Frequently, these economic loss calculations are executed to support / in collaboration with lawyers with a procedure. In case of an economic dispute, a register valuator is the eminent expert to determine the amount of the financial losses and damages. In these cases, the register valuator can function as a party expert, but also as an independent expert. This occasionally happens as a result of appointment by court. Read more>>
A lot of entrepreneurs know the value of their enterprise at the moment they want to sell it. Why is it useful to conduct valuation of your enterprise? Not only at the that you want to sell it. It is always important and useful to know which factors determine the value of your enterprise.Read more >>
Value Drivers Business Valuators is a member of the NIRV (Dutch Institute of Registered Valuators).

What our clients say about us

Our Team

Mr. Pandita is responsible for EMEO region. He studied in Sri Lanka, Moscow and the Netherlands.
P. PanditaAnalyst
P. Pandita
The Driving force of Value Drivers is Chris de Vries, MScRV (48). He worked as an accountant, management consultant, and merger and acquisition consultant for PwC and Grant Thornton in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2008, he registered as NIRV Register Valuator. He received the Executive Master of Business Valuation degree from TiasNimbas Business School in 2014.
Chris de VriesRegister Valuator
Chris de Vries
Manuel Hernandez, analyst, he is 35 years old and studied computer science at the University of Barranquilla in Colombia. Since 2012, he is working at Value Drivers Business Valuators.
Manuel HernandezAnalyst
Manuel Hernandez